Die vloei van kennis, kultuur & innovering - the flow of knowledge, culture & innovation

Who are we?

Lalasini is a FREE, proudly South African online publication that promotes the flow of KNOWLEDGE, CULTURE & INNOVATION through a combination of interesting articles and columns for the whole family.

Assembling a good quality product with creative topics and articles.
Lalasini will appear quarterly in the first year and from the second year more frequently.

Lalasini has fully integrated multimedia links that include audio clips, videos, internet, email and social media.

Lalasini exceeded 1 000 000 hits on the website within a year of publishing the first edition and exceeded 100 000 hits within just 3 days of publishing the second edition.
It is currently first on the top 5 internet search engines such as Google and Microsoft Bing. 
The magazine is already being read worldwide in 59 countries.
The collection of statistics to determine the demographic image of our readers in detail, will take place over multiple editions to ensure accurate information. 

We pride ourselves on having an extensive group of experienced collaborators to keep the content interesting and fresh.

Readers are invited to participate interactively in culture-driven competitions, as well as to use the magazine as a platform for publishing selected articles.

The magazine supports the Eugène Marais Foundation (non-profit organization).

Reach a large number of readers because the magazine will be available for free online. A wide market is covered with content that will attract both younger and older people.
Offers national as well as international exposure as an online publication.
Advertisements will have a click through function to an advertiser's e-mail address and/or website as well as social media for extra exposure.
Previous editions will be available on our website to ensure continuous exposure.
If advertisers book multiple editions, it they will receive extra exposure on the website.
Exclusive advertising is negotiable.


We are B-BBEE Level 4 Certified - Certificate Number: 9365613716